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For commercial truck service, maintenance, and more, our certified truck service and parts technicians are backed by some of the best training in the business. Plus, we have an extensive inventory of replacement parts, products and optional accessories for all makes and models, and we can have them on hand within 24 to 48 hours. Here, you can rest easy knowing we’ll get you back on the road and treat your truck like it’s their very own.

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Hino Maintenance Tips

Bluetooth Device Pairing


Learn how to pair devices with your Hino truck via Bluetooth.

Information Display Features


Learn how to use the information display features available in your Hino truck.

Maintain your burner system

Maintain your Burner System

Regular maintenance of the burner system is required to avoid a breakdown and damage to the DPR Particulate Filter.

Drain water at fuel filter

Check and drain water at fuel filter

Be proactive by learning how to check and drain water in your fuel filter.

COE Quick Reference Guide


Use this reference guide to learn the DEF-SCR and DPR warning messages in your Hino truck.

Contaminated Diesel Exhaust Fluid

Contaminated diesel exhaust fluid

Learn what to do when there’s contamination in the DEF tank.